Introduction Beeswax white, light yellow and yellow Depilatory Wax #676 E00011 Kester wax K82H E000148 Permulgin 4212 E00016 Kester Wax K82P E00017 Candelilla wax (pastilles) E00018 Carnauba wax T1 E00021 BW Ester BW67 E00022 Cera Bellina E00023 Mimosa Wax E00028 Kester Wax K30G E00029 Kester Wax K62 E00031 Kester Wax K82D E00061 PEG-8 Beeswax EU E00064 PEG-12 Carnauba E00065 Siliconyl Beeswax E00066 Siliconyl Candelilla E00067 Sunflower Wax E00075 Rose Wax E00076 Depilatory wax E00087 Koster Milk 102 E00088 Koster Milk 202 E00089 Koster Milk 302 E00098 Emulsifying wax EU E00125 Kesterwax K82P-VS E00126 Permulgin 4210 E00127 Permulgin 4211 E00130 Rice Bran Wax E00134 Lipstick waxblend E00136 Permulgin 3274 E00137 Permulgin 3279 E00138 Permulgin 3280 E00139 Permulgin 3283 E00140 Permulgin 3351 E00142 Permulgin 3671 E00145 Permulgin 3550 E00149 Permulgin 3351N E00151 Permulgin 3284 Kester Beads K-72 Exfoliant Kester Wax K-62 #130P Kester Wax K80H Kester Wax K82P-VS Kostene C-30 #275P Orange Peel Wax #139 Permulgin 3234 Siliconyl Beeswax Siliconyl Candelilla Siliconyl Polyethylene Sunflower Wax Beads

Personal Care and Cosmetics

Koster Keunen produces specialty formulated waxes for personal care and cosmetic applications.

Our exclusive Kester (natural esters) Waxes are ideal for gelling, skin feel, and moisturization. We can customize the wax blend to your equipment, color and temperature requirements. Fruit waxes, natural wax dispersions, water soluble waxes like our PEG Beeswax and PEG Carnauba, round out our line of Personal Care and Cosmetic waxes.

Custom waxes
We are always producing special blends custom waxes designed and formulated to meet your personal requirements for use in cosmetic applications. Look inside or contact us with your specific needs. Additional sales and technical information on toll blending, packaging, specialty products as well as formulations, may be obtained by completing the form located within the Contact Us tab. We look forward to hearing from you and will promptly respond to all requests and inquiries.