Introduction Beeswax white, light yellow and yellow E00017 Candelilla wax (pastilles) E00018 Carnauba wax T1 E00087 Koster Milk 102 E00088 Koster Milk 202 E00089 Koster Milk 302 Kester Wax K-62 #130P Kester Wax K80H Kostene C-30 #275P

Waxes for Inks and Coatings

Koster Keunen's unique Kester (ester) Waxes are employed in numerous printing ink and coating systems in order to enhance surface properties, water resistance and as effective matting agents.

In Printing Inks our Kester Waxes are used to increase rub and scratch resistance, improving anti-blocking properties, and for excellent water repellance.

For Coatings applications the Kester Waxes are useful to increase scratch resistance, improvement in anti-blocking properties, increase in slip, improvement in smoothness and feel, matting, avoidance of metal marking, improvement in sandability, and as a water repellant.

The waxes can be incorporated into printing inks or coatings by means of solvent-containing dispersions or pastes, precipitation formulations and aqueous dispersions.

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