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Koster Keunen's Special Ester Waxes


Kesterwax K82P

The complex polyester fraction of beeswax, responsible for its unique plastic properties, has been the inspiration for the development of Kester wax K82P. This synthetic wax is very soft, tacky and pliable at room temperature despite its high melting point. Due to its polarity this wax shows excellent compatibility with inorganic pigments. Kester Wax K82P contains a range of hydroxy polyesters with chain lengths between ca. 56 and 76 carbon atoms and is manufactured from natural fatty acids and synthetic fatty alcohols. Incorporating Kester Wax K82P improves texture, film forming, plasticity, adhesion, homogeneity and ingredient distribution.

Spin-off: K82P-VS

As a spin-off product of K82P we have developed Kester Wax K82P-VS. This wax shows even softer and improved plasticizing properties that increase the formulation window for difficult mixtures (hard waxes / crystallization issues). Because of its longer chain lengths and increased polarity it exerts an even more pronounced influence on rheology and texture, binding, adhesion, and pigment dispersion. Its excellent pigment compatibility improves its application in pencils and sun care products.